Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seoul crushing....

Welcome to my blog!!! Actually, I do not anticipate that I will be posting for very long, so please enjoy it while it is here. Thanks for checking it out!

Although many of you already know, some of you do not. My plan to teach English in South Korea did not work out as anticipated. It is a long, lovely story, but in short, Korea just was not my thing. Many have asked: "Why did you give it only 4 days!?" The sad truth: I really missed the great meals served on the 14 hour flight, so I just had to return. Being back in Madison for 3 months was a good experience, and I got to witness the change in seasons, but I still had the itch to travel, since spending 4 days in Korea (3 of which were in the air), did not quite satisfy it. However, I will maintain my Korean references as seen on my profile page, just as a reminder to me that life rarely goes according to a mind-made plan.

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